Eòsaph is quite sadistic to his foes, but has high respects for the Templars and Haytham. He is very obediant and will do what he is asked, even if it is to kill a friend of his. Eòsaph is very skilled with a bow and uses his blade to cut off heads if he is instructed to take them. Back in Scotland, Eòsaph was known as The Beheader for his brutality and Hawkeye for his extreme accuracy with his archery. He usually feins kindness in order to drawn in his intended target.
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Name the super hero you would love to marry…DC or Marvel

Steven Rogers (Captain America)

If you had to marry a Pokemon what would it (they) be? I would marry Xerneas or Houndoom~~

Hmmm….what if they made a game based off of Supernatural for the ps4 and wii?